Oktobiere Fest 2016 at The Biere Club

The Biere Club Lager with a lovely German Salad made from fresh ingredients.

Oktobiere Fest 2016 at The Biere Club

The last few days in Bangalore were not something anyone would like to remember. The chaos that ensued after the Cauvery issue verdict left the residents of this beautiful city in a state of shock. The curfew that was imposed after last week’s mayhem, sort of helped the city get back to normalcy but with an eerie calm. I have a long weekend ahead of me and was not quite sure what I would indulge in; that is when I received an invite for an exclusive preview to this beer fest which was to be held at The Biere Club.

The Biere Club has been on my wishlist ever since I moved to Bangalore- they are Bangalore’s first craft brewery. It was eventually a ‘better late than never’ scenario and in spite of knowing that I will have to work (office calls..!) after the event- I went ahead. The Biere Club is located on Vittal Mallya Road and this craft brewery is housed in a G+2 building. The ambiance at the Biere Club is comparable to other micro-breweries with interior decor predominantly made of woodwork. Anyways, keeping up with tradition, The Biere Club hosts an annual event called the Oktobiere Fest involving- you guessed it- lot and lots of beer, food, music, fun and games. This time around, things are going to get crazier with Jägermeister co-hosting the event.

If you didn’t know, Jägermeister is an alcoholic beverage made from herbs and spices- with an alcohol content of 35%. Although introduced as a digestif- a drink that is consumed before and after a meal to help digestion- Jägermeister is now a quintessential ingredient to many potent cocktails- Jägerbomb, for one. In the grand scheme of things, The Biere Club has decided to celebrate beer in true German style- making available the popular German brew- Ginger-Miester and a variety of other interesting beer cocktails like the Jäger-Rita, Weissen Sour, Jäger-Toddy and Jäger-Tonic (both hot and cold). Without a doubt, the Jäger-Tonic (hot) was my favorite- beer, Jägermeister and few prominent spices- truly, a bitter-sweet symphony. This is something I would love to trip on for the rest of the night- Alas, I have to get back to work..!!

Personally, a good ale calls for some amazing food and as part of the Oktobiere fest, The Biere Club offers German delicacies ranging from fresh salads to meat platters and last but far from the least some mind-blowing desserts. Some of the appetizers on offer,

  • Bell Pepper and Cheddar Cheese Potato Skin (With Chicken/Ham)
  • Grilled Pear, Red Cabbage, Lettuce Salad with Walnut and Blue Cheese Crumbles (With Chicken/Knaxx Sausage)
  • Creamy Mushroom and Mustard Spätzle (With Smoked Chicken/Smoked Cheese Sausage)

A special mention for the Indo-German Meat platter which had undoubtedly the most heavenly Meat Loaf (let alone Bavarian Meat Loaf) I have ever tasted in my life. The Chicken Tikka Sausage, Biere Mustard Fish and the Lamb Seekh Balls were all worth mentioning. This heavenly platter was served with Sauerkraut, Pretzels and Mint Apple Chutney. To top off the food experience we were served two brilliant desserts- Coconut Chocolate Bar and Baumkuchen Cake. With that (sadly), my short but eventful stint at The Biere Club came to an end and I had to bid adieu because by then, I had already started receiving calls from my workplace..!! Well, what can I say?? It’s not easy balancing a corporate job and a hobby that involves gulping and munching.

I’m sure you have all been to beer festivals nonetheless, the Oktobiere Fest at The Biere Club is something worth experiencing- especially for the Jäger cocktails and the German delicacies they have to offer. Beer festivals are incomplete without a few games and which is why The Biere Club has a challenge for you- eat and drink all that you love in 20 minutes and win big..! OR if you think you are the best beer guzzler around challenge your friend(s) to finish a pitcher of beer first or do it in 3 minutes and WIN A BEER EVERY DAY FOR THE NEXT ONE MONTH..!! Why wait..?? Go .. Go .. Go..!!

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