About Gulp ‘n’ Munch

If only it was that simple- working an IT job in India, it takes more than just an idea to get away from our monotonous everyday life. But, when I do, wherever I go, whatever I do- I try to experience it all. Gulp ‘n’ Munch started off as a simple food diary but over time it mutated into an idea. It now stands as the only written account of my food and travel diaries and it is something that I mean to share with my loved ones- today and for a long time to come.

Where does Ashmitha fit into all this? Well, my admiration for this lady’s food and travel experiences helped me convince her that we could do this together. Saurav’s insatiable love for technology made him Gulp ‘n’ Munch’s property master (aka The Admin).

We tried sharing our experiences on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook but the former domains had their limitations. In a realm of catchy one-liners, hip status updates- the aspect about food and travel, which we wanted to share, never gained traction. In search of a platform that would help us accomplish this- here we are.

Welcome to Gulp ‘n’ Munch