Ashmitha Sathish

Ashmitha… What to say? Where to start?

Definitely not one of my strengths, introducing an individual I tend to be jealous of- but at the same time appreciating someone whose travel log is nothing short of amazing- enables me to stay true to my ideologies about travelling. I know that there are a few of my friends (if not many) who view my status updates on FB, pictures on Instagram and grow pale out of jealousy (don’t worry guys, it’s only human); but then some of you may wonder- Do I go through the same feeling? Yes, I do! The reason is this lady Ashmitha. Ashmitha is fond of traveling and loves to eat- at the same time manages to NOT put on weight. Although a selfie-queen, I’ve noticed on numerous occasions- her friends (some of them are really amazing photographers) find time only to click her pictures!! How convenient, right? This lady is also wired to Instagram- posting pictures, slow-mo videos at jaw-dropping, picturesque locations. Alright, enough of the rambling!

Ashmitha hails from the beautiful coastal city of Mangalore and completed her Bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication from St. Joseph’s Engineering College. I am appalled by the fact that she works in TCS (TATA Consultancy Services) yet travelled to Assam, Meghalaya, Goa, Coorg and Sri Lanka since Oct’ 2015 (somebody stop her/talk to her manager). Of the places I have mentioned, her favorite is Dawki- known for the famous crystal clear lake (and I thought that was a hoax). I welcome Ashmitha to share her food and travel experiences and while doing so catch the Gulp ‘n’ Munch wave which is expected to hit Bangalore in March.

You can reach her at [email protected]

-written by Abhilash Mithren

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Abhilash Mithren

‘We are all born for a higher purpose, many of us realise it when it’s too late… I know what I am supposed to do- eat, travel, explore and experience’

We tried sharing our experiences on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook but the former domains had their limitations. In a realm of catchy one-liners, hip status updates- the aspect about food and travel, which we wanted to share, never gained traction. In search of a platform that would help us accomplish this- here we are.

Welcome to Gulp ‘n’ Munch.

You can reach me at [email protected]

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