Tim Tai, Kondapur, Hyderabad.




During the last two #zomato foodie meetups, over foodie-talks, the name of this deli came up often- everyone spoke about the amazing Pan-Asian food served here. Ever since, I had been planning to visit this place- it remained that way for close to a year until now I finally decided to check in..  Tim Tai is located somewhat opposite to the Google office in Kondapur, by no means, will you miss it since its right next to the main road.

Tim Tai is spacious (very spacious)- at the entrance, on the walls you will find pleasant crayon paintings and a few steps ahead you find this Tree which kind of builds to the overall ambiance; in short you don’t feel cramped for room in any way. I recommend making a reservation on any day, especially Sat-Sun. I made a reservation for three (my wife and buddy Nazi) and we were seated next to the glass wall which overlooks the main road. Without further ado, let me start with the Gulp experience – What did we have to drink?


Asian Mary – Wow! Very very refreshing- Guava juice, Tabasco sauce and the rim of the glass was coated with sugar and chill powder.

Mandarin Feast – To me, the best of the three! Mandarin, fresh mint & lime (now, there is nothing more refreshing than the two of these in any cocktail / mocktail)

Ringer– Pineapple, Basil leaves, lime and sugar with soda water- also very refreshing.

Now for the Munch experience,

For Starters,



Indonesian Grilled Prawns Skewers with ripe Papaya Salad – Oh my god! Stunning plating- the prawns were cooked perfectly, the spices great, wow!  The sweet ripe papaya salad complimented it immensely. I could keep having multiple portions of these and still not get enough, great job!

Tim Tai Chilli Chicken – it was good, crispy and sufficiently spicy, it was a decent side for the soups we ordered.



Tom Kha – This is the first time i had this soup. Sip it and you get the flavour of the spices (possibly pepper) but what really made me want more was the flavour of lemon grass. I love the flavour of lemon grass- especially when it is used as a key ingredient in almost every dish in Thai cuisine.


Wonton Soup – clear soup, tasted alright, nothing outstanding though.

We then ordered the Shanghai Chicken Dim-Sum, which was really soft, kind of melt-in-your-mouth types, the filling was also ample and tasted good.


After enjoying the flavor of lemon grass in the Tom Kha soup, I had a feeling that their Thai  curry  would  be  really  good-  but  the  server  recommended  the Fiery Sri Lankan fish curry with cherry tomatoes and steamed rice.




Not creamy like the Thai curries, yet tasted similar to the former on various notes. The sea bass and the prawns were beautifully cooked- It just explodes in your mouth with the white rice.. Top notch!

We also tried the Tim Tai Special Chilli Coriander Noodles (no picture), which was soft and crispy noodles- somewhat like Chop-Suey but without the sweet touch- it was good. Our tummies were already bulging and we decided to pack the rest of the food, in order to accommodate dessert.

The moment I looked into the dessert section of the menu, I was like- Oh God! They have ‘Mango with Sticky Rice Pudding‘ – another mouth-watering Thai dessert. But Alas! It was very unfortunate that they didn’t have ripe mango. The server suggested to go for the Coconut Panna Cotta with Berry Compote-  it was good, but did not have the jelly like consistency.

What can I say, the food we ordered today was recommended by our server- a special call out to him! Thank you! Overall it was a good experience, rather a much awaited one and now I can cross that off my foodie-check list. Definitely, a Gulp ‘n’ Munch recommendation if you crave for Pan-Asian cuisine, See you soon!

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