The Kallu Shop Experience

About 4-5 km from my home in Mahe, this today shop is located in the vicinity of the Mahe river.

The Kallu Shop Experience

   Toddy (in English), Kallu (in Kerala), Sur (in Goa), Kali (in Tulu), Thati Kallu (in Andhra Pradesh), many names, but all point to the same- an alcoholic beverage created from the sap of coconut palms and palmyra trees. It is first extracted (process called Tapping) and then distilled to give an almost translucent, white colored liquid which has a sweet taste (when it is fresh).

Toddy is consumed widely in India as an alcoholic beverage and also requires a license- issued by the excise department; to prepare and sell. In Kerala, the popularity of toddy has created an industry with thousands of employees and it also has a welfare board under the labor department (excerpts from Google). It is also used in the preparation of Appam and rice cakes called Sannas- which, I would like to add is an amazing combo with Potato and Egg Stew ( find the recipe in my Popular Recipes section).

During my school days in Kannur, Kerala- especially on weekends, the tendency to visit a local toddy shop was always on the to-do list. All the countless toddy shop visits have made me realize one thing- a certain individual (at least in Kerala) would visit a Toddy shop not just for the toddy but for the amazing, spicy, flavorful food served there.  Food soo delicious that, the individual recipes are now prepared at almost every home in Kerala. This was my first ‘Kallu Shop Experience’ after launching Gulp ‘n’ Munch.

The experience itself is incredible.. The food, the toddy- it is a must visit for any foodie especially someone who loves the alcohol-spicy-food combo… I, for one will continue to visit this toddy shop and would definitely take my friends (who come to visit) to experience this trifecta of an amazing picturesque location, fresh toddy and spicy Kerala food.

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