Fog Harbor Fish House, SFO, CA

Fog Harbor, SFO, CA

Let me kick start my short but incredible 1 month food experience of disparate and popular restaurants across 2 states– California and Nevada. We decided to catch the Caltrain to San Francisco(from Sunnyvale) about 8 am in the morning so that we could return by evening- the intention, to cover most of the popular tourist attractions which i sat the past few weeks chalking out.

After our ferry ride to the Golden Gate Bridge, past Alcatraz Island and back; the extremely cold weather induced an enormous appetite in us. I never knew about Zomato back then; we decided to visit the restaurant with the highest inflow of customer(in plain sight) and checked-in to ‘Fog Harbor’.

At the entrance one of the servers took our request for a table(for 2) and took down our mobile number- we would get a message when the table would be available(interesting, right?).  We had to wait a good 15-20 mins; meanwhile if we wanted to, we could go up to the bar counter and start with our drinks, which we did.

While we were drinking, our server came to us and showed us to a table which had an almost panoramic view of the entire pier(see the picture). The interior decor was top-notch, i believe made of wood. Our server(sorry, i’m unable to recall her name) was extremely polite and courteous.


She even told us about the award-winning ‘Clam Chowder‘- this was a cream based broth which was beautifully served in a bowl-like-cup baked from bread.. Boy! It was delicious and heavy; i believe it had potatoes, clams(of course) and maybe onions.

Red Chili Garlic Shrimp with garlic bread(on the side) – Mind blowing.. orgasm for the taste buds, , spicy curry made of red chili paste, onions, pepper and garlic(says in the menu).. i was slurping my way through the entire curry.. Wow!


For main course we had, sort of a grilled sea-food platter which had Tuna, Salmon and Prawns served with boiled Broccoli and other veggies with mashed potato. It was good but i would have preferred it a little more spicy(after all, i am an Indian)..

Nonetheless an amazing sea-food experience clubbed with a ferry ride to the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz island- what more could I have asked for?



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