Farzi Cafe, UB City

Chicken Sukka toast

Farzi Cafe, UB City

About mid-2016, I remember there was a time when all the bloggers were talking about this one place. There were a lot of promotions running on social media too- hashtags like #farzified was being tagged to every picture clicked at this cafe. I believe the only thing that could have been more eventful was a spectacular inauguration- and it was. Massive Restaurants, spear-headed by Zorawar Kalra brought Farzi Cafe to Namma Bengaluru. Farzi Cafe was the latest (if not the only) entrant into the gourmet diner scene in Bangalore.

Farzi Cafe twists dishes from global and regional cuisine with Indian influences. They also serve cocktails in fancy, deconstructed glasses sticking by the many theories of molecular gastronomy. It took me a while to visit Farzi cafe and by the time I dropped in for this review- it had sort of earned its spot among the ‘go-to’ places on a Saturday night. In terms of atmosphere, Farzi cafe is very lively and buzzing with activity- even on a weekday.

The ambience is quirky and has the looks of a contemporary Indian cafe. What actually is more interesting is the smokey effect when the deconstructed flasks are placed on the table to serve whacky cocktails using dry ice. Anyways, we were seated on a slightly elevated section which I believe is otherwise used as a stage for live performances. We started off by ordering a couple of their signature cocktails. Among the cocktails, my favourite would be the Farzi-tini which is an eccentric version of the Martini. The vodka is served as an Ice Gola dipped in a tangy-lemony base.

We ordered the special L.I.T (Long Island Iced Tea) which in terms of presentation was fun to see but can’t say the same about the taste. In short, it was too potent or alcoholic for my liking. But, we did have a couple of delicious starters, like the Dhoklas, the Chicken patti samosa and a Maharashtrain snack called Vadis; which was served with a very delicious Papaya salad. The alcoholic cocktails kind of got us craving for more food- we went ahead with main course. For entrée, we were served Chicken Sukka toast and Shewarma Biriyani- the former is a fusion of a Mangalorean style chicken preparation which is then slammed into a bread with cheese and toasted.

Although the idea sounds interesting, the dish lacked the original flavor of the chicken preparation- which had a lot to do with fried (grated) coconut. But, we enjoyed the Shewarma Biriyani- well cooked lamb and the rice was perfectly spiced. For dessert, the server recommended the fried Ras malai and the Farzi special sundae. Both the desserts were good but I expected a little more since it was recommended by the server. It was not the most memorable dining experience I’ve had till date considering that I’ve heard a lot about this place. It could also be that I may no longer be a fan of fusion cuisine and am turning into a purist. Nonetheless, Farzi Cafe is a place that I would take my friends or colleagues to for a drink on a weekend. Lastly, a special call-out for the in-house DJ who played some lovely deep house sets while we there.
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