Shana Thai, Mountain View, CA

There are moments in a foodie’s life when he/she rethinks about which cuisine they best-love. I, always had an insatiable craving for Arabic food which was understandable since I grew up in Abu Dhabi, UAE. But all that changed after my trip to Thailand; their cuisine- strong aromatic components, the level of spice, the subtle flavors of the various elements that constitute an authentic Thai recipe- was mind blowing! Thai food slowly inched towards numero uno on the list of my favorite cuisines.

The food experience at Shana Thai, pretty much vanquished any sort of doubt in my mind- that Thai food was my new favorite.

Located close to Herwin’s office; we decided to drop in for lunch. The restaurant had ample parking space; the interior decor was simple, serene and was complimented by a light tune playing in the backdrop. I’ll pen down what we ordered off the menu, during our numerous visits to Shana Thai.

Definitely try the Thai Ice Tea if your not planning to have mocktails or cocktails.. You will love it!


Chicken Satay Salad with peanut sauce


Papaya Salad


Spicy eggplant


Green Curry (Chicken)


Spicy String Bean (No Picture)

Red Curry (Chicken)

** All the above stir-fries were served with sticky rice **

All the entrees served were exquisite and supremely delicious. It hit all the checkpoints for me, in terms of the aroma, flavor- it was all there, nailed it!

Finally an epic dessert-

Sticky rice pudding with Mango Slices (unfortunately, I do not have a picture of) – by far the best dessert in my life.

What an amazing food experience- to enjoy a cuisine in the country of its origin is one thing but an identical experience in another, is priceless.. This visit was to be the first of four other instances we checked-in to Shana Thai in the space of 10 days.. Now that speaks for itself, You Gotta Eat Here!


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