The J1 Experience


The J1 Experience

Day 2 in Pune for our best friend’s wedding- We had a krunk night and by the time we opened our eyes it was late afternoon. Based on a friend’s suggestion we decided to visit this place called Jevan- supposedly specializing in Marathi cuisine. Like I’ve said before, the idea of trying a new cuisine always leaves me in a dilemma (what to expect?), until and unless I have read about the cuisine or heard about it from a fellow foodie- in this case it was a friend, almost endorsing it, (good enough).

Jevan was less than 2 kms from the hotel we were staying, located at Ghole Road, Shivaji Nagar. On first sight, I must admit I was a little startled- I was expecting a small restaurant, you know like the ones we have always been to- ones that serve the local cuisine, crowded. Jevan’s interior décor was stunning- a fine-dine restaurant with flip switches, like the ones you find in the old-fashioned homes; a little embarrassing for me to point out, but the washroom had a 2-door entrance, the faucet, the wash basin were beautiful and visually arresting; hands down they were thoroughly clean.. We were seated at a table, next to the glass window which spanned from the ground to the top and had an almost panoramic view of the road.

Our servers were courteous and the food that we ordered we are all recommended by them- I must say everything we ordered was exceptionally flavorful, the aroma of the dishes, the level of spice was top notch, one word it was quintessential.

To drink, we ordered.

Kokam Sharbat – I’ve had kokam rasam but the very thought of a sharbat made of kokam?? Insane isn’t it. It was sweet and refreshing.

Jal Jeera – what can I say, tastes good and help digestion too.



Dongri Chicken – very very delicious, tastes like the Chicken Sukka we have in the south but different.

Mutton Chops – nailed it, the mutton was cooked brilliantly, succulent and packed with lip-smacking flavor.

Mutton Loncha – like an achari preparation, very delicious and for those who love spicy food, this is one, Must Try!


Akni Rice (ordered Country Chicken Curry with it) – very similar to the kichdi in taste and aroma… It tasted good both, with and without the curry. I am a big fan of country chicken- long prep time but when cooked to perfection- the regular broiler chicken is no match for it.


Prawns Biriyani- And I thought Andhra food was spicy? This was up there on the spice-meter, but infinitely flavorful and delicious.

For Dessert,

Kharwas – in Andhra, this sweet is called Junnu. What is it? Well, this is a sweet prepared from the milk given by a cow or buffalo within a day after she has calved- it tasted delightful.


Everything that we ordered today was mouth-watering, tasty, complimented by an energetic and engaging staff the experience truly was remarkable. Definitely, this place is going on my blog in the ‘You Gotta Eat Here’ archive. I’d be more than happy to recommend this restaurant to fellow foodies, especially people who haven’t tried Marathi cuisine. Thank You.