Rama V, Sunnyvale, CA

‘Delicious Thai food for $7.95’

I’ve made peace with the fact that my most favorite cuisine is indeed Thai– the subtle flavors of basil leaves, bamboo shoots, the rich aroma and flavor of lemon grass and the level of spice- all adds to this brilliant South-East Asian cuisine.

Couple of weeks earlier, we (with Herwin Abhilash Kandoth ) discovered a legendary Thai food restaurant in the area by the name Shana Thai and was more than inclined to find another. Without a doubt, Rama V, hits all the checkpoints and serves brilliant Thai food, especially when during lunch time, all entrees you order is just $7.95.

We ordered the below for lunch, all are must-haves:

Crystal Soup (Vegetarian) – you also have the option of non-vegetarian (Chicken). In the vegetarian version they use Tofu.


Thai Red Curry with Sticky Rice


Spicy Cat Fish with Sticky Rice


Pad See Ew


All the above dishes were flavorful and a special call out to the Spicy Cat Fish, which was supremely delicious. (p.s it maybe a little spicy for many, so ensure to tell them if you need the level of spice toned down)

Like I was saying, Rama V is an awesome option for Thai food, if your picky about spending less for lunch.. Service was great and the ambiance was ample.. I’d definitely love to visit this restaurant again.. Also a fun fact if you were wondering why the name- ‘Rama V’. I read it on their website that the name is inspired by Thailand’s fifth king, Chulalongkorn, who used to indulge in cooking as a hobby.


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