Waffle House, Hyderabad


Waffle House

I never knew what pancakes and waffles were until the day I visited IHOP- a restaurant chain that has around 1500 outlets over the US and specialized in breakfast food.. After the US trip, I couldn’t help myself from Google-ing if IHOP had an outlet in India- Alas! They didn’t; ever since I had to suppress my cravings for pancakes or waffles. Recently I heard from a fellow foodie (who also is a die-hard fan of IHOP) that there was this place which serves waffles and that I should try it out. I had to- for the love of IHOP!

Waffle house is located about a 100 meters from the hi-tech city main road. They have a decent space, couple of comfy couches; not to mention the entire outlet is a WiFi zone.
As soon as we entered, the server showed us to the couch- even better was that the outlet manager came to take our order.. I had a quick look at the menu and decided upon my favorite-


Blueberry Waffle with Ice Cream – I requested him to serve the ice cream on the side rather than on the waffle since I was not sure if it would appeal to me, let alone the taste.

How did it taste??

The waffle was visually arresting, baked golden; somehow I knew this experience would go beyond my expectations.. one bite and that was it.. Mmmm.. simply delightful… Warm and crunchy, once you cut into it- soft, cooked to perfection.. they served the waffle with what looked like a jam to me.. But the waffle, jam and the ice cream tasted brilliant together.. Also the bits of blueberries in every bite complimented the whole experience and my taste buds were sure as hell peaking!


Herwin Abhilash Kandoth ordered Chocolate Waffle with Chocolate sauce and Chocolate ice cream with sprinkles of Choco Chips.. Again… Nailed it !!! Very flavorful.. Truly epitome of contentment!!! I couldn’t have asked for more..


We both ordered hot cappuccinos to go after the waffles..

What can I say.. I’m more than impressed.. Finally the search for a place which serves great waffles (atleast in Hyderabad) has come to an end and I am in peace.. I’m definitely going to recommend Waffle House to my friends and more, I’m planning to visit soon to try the savory waffles.. Thank you, you guys made our day!! 🙂