Komatose, Hyderabad



Little over a year ago, I had visited Jonathan’s Kitchen with my good friend and foodie Nazeef Nazir. He learnt about Jonathan’s Kitchen from Zomato, as a restaurant notable for serving North Indian, Italian and Japanese cuisine. We walked in to JK (Jonathan’s Kitchen) for dinner and had an amazing experience- for more on that, check out my review on their #zomato page. So why talk about Jonathan’s Kitchen, when this is about Komatose? Well, after our dinner at JK, our server informed us about a lounge which was opening in a week’s time. This lounge was adjacent to Jonathan’s Kitchen and it was named- Yes, you know it- Komatose.

We requested our server to give us a quick tour of this lounge. As we walked in through the door, I couldn’t help noticing the contemporary interior décor which had, sort of, an uplifting vibe to it. The lounge was centered around the bar counter- although the latter looked supremely elegant, I felt the area was scant. It could get a tad too crowded on a weekend, especially a Saturday night.


But, then again I would prefer to relax on the comfy-looking couches which are alongside the massive brick-like wall (looks like a lot of money was shelled out on the décor, but then again, all worth it). I turned to Nazeef and told him that this place is hip and has the potential to becomes the best (personally, the only besides 10 Downing Street) party destination in town.

It was also extremely pleasant to meet Mr. Raashid Ali and Vedika Khosla- they run the show. Raashid spoke briefly as he explained the idea behind this venture and the best part was when we discovered out mutual fondness for lounge/chill out music especially the Café Del Mar record label. It was a tour so, sadly I did not get a chance to try their cocktails.

Fast forward to a week back, Pallab De aka hydfoodguy.com invited me to this event- the pre-launch food tasting of JK’s new menu. Prelude to the new menu tasting session, Raashid invited us to have a couple of drinks at Komatose and that is how I finally experienced Komatose, with a sort of contentment I must add.

The menu was quirky and a good read paralleled only by the insane alcoholic concoctions blended by the bartenders. Here are a few of the cocktails I enjoyed-


Red or Dead- White rum, Dark rum, Spice rum, Orange juice, Pineapple juice and Amaretto topped with Lemonade.


The Giant Porn Star Martini- Vanilla vodka shaken with Amaretto and passion cordial, drowned in sparkling wine, topped with a tequila filled fruit.


Sangria (right,obviously)- We all know what it is, right? Full bodied red wine, fresh pears, oranges, pomegranate seeds, imported grapes and cognac matured for at least 24 hours (phew, long one).


Cuba Libre- Dark rum, lime juice and Cola, now this is something I make at home.



Wassabi Prawns- spicy and pungent wasabi marinated, batter-fried prawns, I loved it.

This was the one appetizer we had because frankly (had to save space for the tasting session) I was overwhelmed by the amount of alcohol we were downing.  Also, there was this ‘Flaming Lamborghini’ (which I do not have a picture of, only a video)- wine glasses stacked on top of each other, set on fire with vodka and your supposed to sip (with a straw) the Bailey’s cream based liqueur which is poured into the glass at the bottom.

Overall, the experience was incredible- I craved for this and regret having not been here earlier. But, vow to do this again, very soon! It was an insane night graced by the presence of popular entrepreneurs, food aficionados and bloggers. Komatose was-is-will-be my favourite spot to unfurl on a weekend. You gotta be here!