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We have all been to Absolute Barbecues and their close competitor Barbeque Nation– both restaurant chains have no doubt given birth to two different concepts in the food industry. The former represents itself as India‘s first ‘wish grill’ restaurant, whereas the latter has taken the idea of DIY (Do It Yourself) cuisine to a whole new level. Both restaurants have been wooing customers of all ages and they have been pretty successful in doing that too. But, why would I talk about AB’s and BBQ Nation when this review is about 3B’s? I’ll get to that in a moment.


Now, like my good friend had put it- most of us visit AB’s and BBQ Nation for the live barbecue experience and of course, the alcohol (some of us). Also, the majority of us enjoy the barbecue and the alcohol so much that we feel incapacitated to eat any more.

“Hey, I’m gonna chuck main course! I am happy with my beer and barbecue”

Its true, I for one completely agree to that- considering the n-number of times I felt this way. Moreover, what you pay for is as-much-as-you-can-eat food, not alcohol- that again is a bummer. Now therein lies the question- why cant there be just barbecue and booze? Why cant alcohol be cheaper? The answer to this- 3B’s


3B’s is a fairly new concept by Absolute Barbecues which more than just satisfies the above mentioned foodie needs. Vishal Fernandes- proprietor and blogger at JetSetEat (my good friend too), invited me to an exclusive preview/tasting event, two days prior to the official launch of 3B’s. It was a pleasurable experience in the company of notable food aficionados and bloggers. I liked the idea of sitting out in the open, sipping cocktails while a chef barbecues mouth-watering starters.

We were seated around- what looked like a live-food counter with two chefs barbecuing prawns, fish, chicken and a few vegetarian starters. We kicked the tasting session off by sensitizing our taste buds with a few cocktails-




Then the starters,


Hara Bhara Veg Kebab


American Cheesy Potato

Tarheel Mushroom

Crispy Corn

Ajwani Paneer Tikka



Tempura Prawns- amazing, loved it.

Australian Grill Fish- nailed it.


Asian Chicken– more like chicken Tikka, delicious.

Tandoori Chicken Wings- definitely a must-try.

Mutton Gilafi Seekh- slightly different and spicy- liked it.

Main Course (Non-veg)


Chicken Biriyani with Raita



Curd Rice



Pastry, Gulab Jamun, Fresh cut fruits


Pan flavoured Ice Cream

The overall food experience was adequate- all the non-vegetarian starters were brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed them. Personally, I am not a big fan of vegetarian food so I am not the right person to judge them either- best I can say is- they were decent. Although a set main course- I felt it lacked the flavourful punch that I had come about to expect from a place which is undoubtedly a product of AB’s (keeping in mind the individual identity of 3B’s). Lastly, dessert- as always, a saving grace for a not-so-great experience; I enjoyed the Pan flavoured Ice Cream and the pastries were good.

Overall, I am of the opinion that 3B’s is a downscaled version of AB’s in terms of what they offer- with a competitive low price for the buffet (see below) and alcohol. In contrast, based on the buffet price-  the array of starters, main course and dessert served is completely justified- but a little work in terms of the flavour profile. Far from being a Gulp ‘n’ Munch – ‘You Gotta Eat Here‘ restaurant, yet a place to visit when you don’t want to leave with a hole in your pocket, especially if your planning to treat a lot of friends.

INR. 380+tax (Veg) *
INR. 380+tax (Non-Veg) *

* Prices are the same for lunch (12 pm – 3 pm) and dinner (7 pm -11 pm).


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  1. FB imported, G’n’M

    Saurav Rout:

    I visited 3B’s Beer Buddies and Barbeue this tuesday and half of the items from the menu that you’ve mentioned was not mentioned in the menu provided to us.. Daal mein kaala

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