Souza Lobo, Calangute

Souza Lobo, Calangute

If your crazy about fish and if that’s the only thing you can think about when you reach Goa.. Then You Gotta Eat Here ! What an amazing place ! Located at Calangute beach, this places serves the best sea food in Goa… Goes without saying, when you have the produce, you have to elevate the curries, masala fries to a whole new level.. This restaurant hits all the check points.
Ambiance is simple yet cozy- located adjacent to the beach which also doubles as a smoking zone, and the food??  We had almost all their specialties.

Then the pork, beef chilly- cooked the Goan way.. with the fried caramelized brown onions- Amazing, nailed it! We had this garlic bread which was mentioned in the ‘Starters’ section… Well baked bread oozing with butter, when you bite into it.. You can also see the garlic slices inside which appears to look like mozzarella cheese- Yum!

Then Golden Calamari or in other words- batter fried squid rings… Very delicious… All this with some beer, cocktails- A tryst made in heaven.. Then the Prawn Masala fry.. It was also amazing.. It was hard to believe that every fish preparation was cooked perfectly … I realized that nothing could go wrong now..


We repeated courses of the dishes we ordered.. Who wants chicken??? Not here, we eat that almost like everyday.. Lets put it to rest today.. We were too loaded and could hardly move at this point and then came the epic Fish Curry Rice.

Now this reminded me of home (Kerala)… Fish curry cooked with a simple masala but in an earthen pot.. which adds more flavor… exquisite… I can’t help but say that we thoroughly enjoyed it all, service was brilliant.. A little patience when you order the barbecue king fish- for obvious reasons, it takes time.. A very well deserved 5/5 and if I could, I would give them a 6 too!! Do not, Do not forget to mark this restaurant on your ‘Must-visit’ when your in Goa.. You Gotta Eat Here!


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