Mekong – Marigold By Green Park, Hyderabad


Mekong – Marigold By Green Park

Before I start reviewing Mekong, I’d like to talk about two separate entities- Burrp and Marigold Hotels– the former is a local food and restaurant recommendation engine and the latter, a brand of 5-star luxury hotels. How did I find out about Burrp? While checking-in to numerous fine-dine restaurants in Hyderabad, I noticed that a lion’s share of them had some sort of a certificate/recommendation (if I may say so) from Burrp, put up next to the counter/entrance. It was when I Google-d, I started to learn more about Burrp and their vision to enhance customer food experience and their mission was to help answer the single most important question that pops in every foodie’s mind- Where and What to eat? But frankly, as a blogger I haven’t heard quite a lot about them (at least over the past few years) and that is when I got a call from Salloni (a Burrper.. Alright! Someone who works at Burrp) about a relaunch, a new logo and a new product- and within a few minutes- they were back!

So, Burrp invited prominent food bloggers of Hyderabad for a meetup; to be held at a legendary Pan-Asian restaurant (again in Hyderabad)- Yes, you guessed it- Mekong – Marigold by Green Park. First of, the ambiance of this place is visually stunning- an epitome for a fine dine restaurant and frankly has the potential to overpower prominent start hotels in the city. The interior décor compliments the ambiance immensely- neatly placed wine bottles, elegant woodwork around, the cutlery used is contemporary and has an element of panache to them- long story short, one of the best interior décor I had the pleasure of witnessing  (Yes! You heard me right).

As soon as I walked-in, I was greeted by the Burrp team members and there was a lot to talk about; this was my first Burrp event and I was curious to know more- How, What, When? I was also excited by the sight of camera men clicking pictures of me with other food bloggers- frankly, it was a very special moment! While we waited for all the food bloggers to arrive, Burrp team members introduced themselves and also shared their contact information. It was an absolute dream to watch the head Chef utter words such as- ‘specially curated food for the bloggers’ on cam and the restaurant even updated the same on their FB page. Mekong is known to have the best wine collection in the city and as I was saying earlier- the wine bottles were displayed beautifully which sort of blended in with the stylish interior décor.

For this event, Mekong decided to serve their speciality or in other words their popular selling dishes based on a study carried out by their the EAM- Mr. Piyush. Although Mekong is a Pan-Asian restaurant and the core idea is to serve cuisines of countries linked to the 2200 mile Mekong river- countries such as Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam– we were also served Singaporean dishes like the popular Singaporean Curry Crab and Sushi from Japan. I would love to describe the taste I experienced for each dish served but, believe me when I say it- it will be sheer stupidity to try to do that, because all the subtle flavors that my taste buds were exposed to during this 2 hour bout with food cannot be explained but have to be experienced by ones self.

The food served at Mekong never ceased to amaze me- from the first bite of the Yam Taohu, all the way to the last drop of the Thap thim Krawp- fabulous dishes, prepped and plated in unparalleled fashion. Not to mention the service was impeccable; a big thank you to Burrp for organizing such an event and sending us home with more goodies than we could carry; at the same time I wish the Burrp team the very best and hope you guys achieve and establish yourselves as visionaries in a domain- that without a doubt is the most competitive in the food industry today. As for your foodies reading this review, DO NOT miss an opportunity to visit Mekong and if you have been there, visit ’em again.. There is not doubt that Mekong is the best Pan-Asian restaurant in this city and without a doubt makes its way to Gulp ‘n’ Munch’s legendary You Gotta Eat Here list!