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During my school days in Kannur-Kerala, me and my friends used to visit these Ice Cream parlors especially during the peak summer season. Although named Ice Cream parlors they were more popular for the thick milk shakes served. As a matter of fact anyone from Kerala would have- at least once in their lifetime- been exposed to these amazing sweet and cold beverages.  I am pretty sure most of us would have come across the name “Sharjah Shake“.

Sharjah Shake or in other words Banana Milk Shake is a very popular milk shake in Kerala- served at almost every juice shop, Ice Cream parlor and at times prominent restaurants. I would love to tell you that it has some sort of association to the city of Sharjah of the United Arab Emirates; but it isn’t. I can confirm that because I spent 17 years of my life in the U.A.E and I have never heard of Sharjah Shake; even if I did it was probably prepared at some Keralite restaurant over there. My point in mentioning Sharjah Shake was because that was my first tryst with milk shakes and a very pleasant one too- ever since I left Kerala to pursue my higher education and then after relocating to Hyderabad, I frankly forgot how milk shakes tasted or if I may say such a thing ever existed…. until… a couple of weeks back- me and my wife Herwin were heading to Eat India Company for dinner and we noticed this big board which said, The ThickShake Factory.


Ever since, I have been  meaning to visit TTF (The ThickShake factory) and it was last Thursday (18-02-2016) that my good friend and foodie Arvind invited me to a tasting session. TTF was all set to launch a range of #insanely thick shakes and we would be the first ones in Hyderabad to not only get a glimpse, but also to gulp down these things. Besides the #insanely thick shakes, TTF also have their regular Classic Shakes, Koffee Indulgences, Slushes, Choco Delights, Fruity Delights and the famous Choose Your Shake concept. The Choose Your Shake feature is such that a customer gets to choose what shake (milk/thick) he/she wants and also decide from 30 variety of toppings- How cool is that?

OK, without further ado let me introduce you to the 5 #insanely thick shakes:-


Ferrero Nutella Bomb
Ferrero Nutella Bomb




Fruity Blast
Berry Mountain


Fruity Blast


Caramelized Oreo

I am not going to waste any more of your time trying to describe these crazy thick shakes- they were nothing short of mind-blowing; if I were you, just stop what your doing and head to the flagship ThickShake Factory outlet at Film Nagar and enjoy these beauties. A mandatory heads-up, each of these monsters can serve 2-3 people and if your crazy enough you could even gulp down one of these all by yourself- I challenge you to!

Here are the contents of these monster thick shakes-

  • Ferrero Nutella Bomb: Loads of Hazelnut , Chocolate Ice Cream topped with Choco fudge, Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and chocolate syrup.
  • ChocoZilla: Decadent Chocolate Ice Cream topped up with loads of Rich Chocolate Fudge & Choco, white Choco chips and chocolate syrup
  • Berry Mountain: Combination of Fresh Strawberries blended with Blueberry &  topped with a loads of fresh cream.
  • Fruity Blast: mix of tropical fruits such as Pineapple, Fresh apple and exotic Kiwis, blended with French Vanilla and topped with fresh cream.
  • Caramelized Oreo: Oreo Cookies with French Vanilla, again topped with loads of fresh cream.

While sipping on these, I could totally reconnect with my Sharjah milk shake experiences of Kerala, even more I would like to add that this was a more mutated (cant figure a better word) version of the former. My personal favourite would be the Berry Mountain because I love strawberries. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I salute Ashwin and Yeshwanth for bringing in the concept of thick shakes; the idea, no doubt is doing great and I wish you guys nothing short of the very best for springing up with these #insanely thick shakes as well.


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