The Long Drink Festival at Church Street Social


The Long Drink festival at Social will end soon enough, and childhood as well…

The Long Drink Festival at Socials, Church Street
The Long Drink Festival at Socials, Church Street

How does a place capture your memory ? Is it the vibrant ambiance , the positive vibes , the quirky architecture , the memorable plate of food or a  glass of drink ?

Church Street Social is one such place that is always remembered by me for its ambiance ,  positives vibes , creatively designed menu , the cutlery  and definitely those long jars of L.I.T (Long Island Iced Tea ) standing tall in most of the tables out there. SOCIAL yet again decides to surprise its L.I.T lovers  with ‘THE LONG DRINK FESTIVAL’which is inspired by the most trending GAME OF THRONE series . Yes, you heard it right as the G.O.T series continues to  glue its audience to them so does SOCIAL with its customers by their L.I.T festival which is another innovative concept to their hat and these drinks have no resemblance to their classic, toxic and electric L.L.I.I.T’s .

I was here for the tasting event curated by the SOCIAL’s team  for the food bloggers community to experience this amazing spread of GOT-L.I.T’s . SOCIAL has always been  in the list of “To visit places in Bangalore” for its amazing drinks – be it the presentation , the beautiful mix of flavors or for the  implementation of  applied science on to their drinks . Hence my excitement to be a part of this event is obvious 🙂

The Long drink festival offers you a range of  6 different kind of L.I.T’s and 3 cocktails as mentioned below.

1) Winter is Coming – Tequila  + Coconut rum  + Vodka + Ginger ale

2) The Sunspear – Whisky   + Orange juice + Apple juice  + Sweet and sour

3) Lions Tail – Jim Beam + Vodka  + Tequila + Eiderflower Tonic

4) Blood of the Dragon – Tequila  + Gin  + Blood orange juice + Cranberry juice

5) Ours is the Fury – Vodka    + Tequila + Gin  + Orange juice

6) High Garden – Absinthe + vodka  + Gin  + Tequila + Rum.



7) White Walker – Kahlua + Vodka + Fresh cream

8) Ice & Fire – Jim Beam + Vodka + Tequila + Jalapeno+ Lavender Tonic

9) Valar Morghulis – Rum + Vodka + Cherry brandy + Cherry tonic .


How do these names sound to you? Interesting?
How about the concoctions used to make each of these  ? More than interesting ? 🙂 That’s exactly why you should visit SOCIAL during this festival.

Some of the favorites from this evening were ‘Winter is Coming ‘ as the ginger ale just pepped up the drink, ‘Blood of the Dragon ‘ which was fruity and citric  and ‘High Garden’ for the presence of Absinthe in it ;). Coming to the cocktails ‘White walker’ was the clear winner  . These beautiful drinks were accompanied with some appetizers like the famous Baida roti , Double grilled chilli Naga toast , Tikka Tacos , Veg croquettes (made up of cheese , potatoes  &  corn ) ,Sriraja Chilli Paneer , Achari basa (Pickle marinated basa served with tadka mash sauteed vegetable , and it all ended with the Japanese  surf & turf which was a meal of teriyaki steak and wasabi prawn served on a mash which was an absolute treat to my taste buds.

To make this even more exciting their amazing team organised a contest which said – ‘The  team which gulps down  LIT the fastest ‘. We had to group in a team of three and 1000 ml of  ‘Winter is coming’ LIT was  on the table ready to be gulped by each team while the seconds taken to gulp it down was noted . My team (Team white ) comprising of Debolina , Tapash and myself did not win it but did make it to the first runners up ha ha  😉


Coming to the details of this festival – All of these L.I.T’s are priced at Rs 550 for 500ml and Rs 999 for 1000ml while the cocktails are priced at Rs 550 each (Taxes as applicable ) and are available at the church Street as well as Whitefield Social outlets until the 10th of August 2016 .


How could you not fall in love with a type of place and menu specially curated to light up your heart ? Go for it before its too late . Cheers!
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