Beer & Breakfast at Bak Bak Bar

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Beer & Breakfast at Bak Bak Bar

Beer & breakfast…?? At first, it sounds out of place but after contemplating a little it actually begins to make sense. I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of beer guzzlers out there for whom beer with breakfast means coming full-circle. As it is, we have all heard about Beer for lunch (via Brunch), Beer for dinner (it is a ritual) and now Bak Bak Bar does Beer with (invariably for) breakfast. Talk about eating like a king, Bak Bak Bar has curated a special menu which features popular Parsi and Lebanese dishes. It even ups the ante by offering a quintessential full-English breakfast which includes baked beans, toast, smoked pork sausages, ham and bacon.

Bak Bak Bar is located on the 4th floor of the Indraprastha Equinox building- near SONY world signal, Koramangala. Bak Bak Bar has a massive space which includes both indoor and outdoor seating areas. With pockets of free space, contemporary atmosphere and interior decor that is predominantly wooden, I cannot help but imagine how lit up this place would be on a Saturday night. The menu curated for ‘Beer & Breakfast’ features delicacies from around the world. Some of the dishes I enjoyed- Shakshouka – a middle-eastern classic, this is a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, spiced with cumin and is served with Pita bread.

Surat Eggless Masala Burji was another wonderful addition to this special menu. This was made from crumbled paneer, a tawa masala, chopped chillies and coriander and was served with masala paav with a lip-smacking chutney. A word of mention for the tangy and sweet tomato chutney served- I was tripping on this the whole time. Also available are fresh fruits, herbed butter and freshly made in-house bread(s) which are sure to amplify your experience. I also tried the chicken wings which was on the regular menu; in fact there were two variants- Barbecue and the Bhut jolokia (Ghost pepper). The Barbecue chicken wings were good but I’ve had better whereas the Bhut jolokia chicken wings were extremely spicy. Just an fyi that Bhut Jolokia is supposedly the most hottest chilli pepper in the world, so tread cautiously.

Other dishes served (as part of the special menu) were Idiyappam with pandi curry, Aloo Paratha and finally for dessert- classic pancakes, waffles and herb waffles. The pandi (or pork) curry is a Coorgi preparation but far from the original in taste. The spiced potato which was stuffed in the Aloo Paratha was just brilliant and is something you will enjoy. Akuri- a special parsi style of scrambled eggs was also part of the menu. Unfortunately, the waffles and pancakes were not up to the mark- this sort-of, was a jist of my experience. The concept of Beer & Breakfast is something unlike any other- adding popular delicacies from around the world on a menu complimented with beer does sound like fun. But, there were a few dishes (Kuzhi paniyaram, Baked eggs in cloud) which could have been avoided and instead include a few others.

Nonetheless, priced between INR 99 and INR 299, ‘Beer and Breakfast’ at Bak Bak Bar is something you should give a try as it may hold a better experience for you.

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