Hunan- with a healthier twist


Hunan- with a healthier twist

On some rare days I choose to eat healthy and when it happens to fall on a weekend it just gets tougher. The best thing that could happen to me on one such weekend was Hunan, the Chinese Restaurant . They’ve come up with a new menu that is healthy and devoid of any artificial flavors or preservatives 😀 It was my second time at Hunan and it was different from the first as the new menu at Hunan with 70 new dishes offers a variety of gluten free dishes too. Yes, you heard it right. I was here to try a part of the new menu options that seemed healthy as it did not contain any MSG or preservatives.

With its minimal interior, Hunan provides a perfectly smart setting for lunchtime dining and the lights are dimmed for a more intimate vibe during the evening hours. We started off our meal with the Sweet and sour tofu soup with crabmeat. A supreme broth filled with flavors that could just make your happy day, happier. This soup consisted of fresh crab-meat, tofu, bamboo shoots, peas and baby corn was the best option to start a meal with. The soup was followed by the Asian flavor chicken salad and the Thai seafood and rice vermicelli salad.

The highlight of the Asian flavor chicken salad was the shredded chicken and veggies such as red cabbage and Chinese cabbage tossed in peanut butter and vinaigrette. The Thai seafood and rice vermicelli salad on the other hand was rice vermicelli, prawn, fish and squid in a delicious lime and sweet chili dressing. A wonderful dish packed with punch and finesse. Coming to the starters some of my favorites from the menu were the Truffle scented Edamame dumplings, the chicken fatty bao.

Fried chili prawns with tamarind and the sugarcane skewered chicken. The ones that are fond of edamame will like the truffle scented fresh soya bean mixture in a wheat starch. It was my first time with the sugarcane skewered chicken where in the minced chicken is rolled up on to a piece of sugarcane which takes the shape of a lollipop.

Under the Main course options we tried the Raw Mango chili fish where in the fish is stir fried with green mango sauce, Guangdong chicken where the chicken is stir fried with a medley of peanut, cashews, baby corn, water chestnuts and mushrooms in brown sauce. My favorite among the main course menu had to be the classic Cantonese style stir fry chicken with black wood ear mushrooms served with sticky rice. An exciting combination of flavors with each element being perfectly executed.

To complete the meal was a pleasant array of desserts among which the red velvet cake was one of the best I had in the recent past and the Meringue nests with lemon curd. The cake was delicious – moist, soft and perfect! I thoroughly enjoyed the red velvet cake. Hunan is all about dishes ranging from classic hearty fare to the ones that soar to levels of pure class. The service was warm and confident which helped round off an enjoyable dining experience at Hunan. This is surely one of the best Chinese restaurants in town winning hearts by its delicious food, minimal décor, reasonable prices and the concise menu. Craving for some Chinese food? Head to Hunan right away 😉