Sizzler festival at District 6


Sizzler festival at District 6

Something that we have all noticed in the food and beverage industry (in Bangalore) over the past few months is the emergence of several microbreweries in town. They seem to spawn every other day- all having rendered the services of the best beer connoisseurs around- showcasing craft beer that (they believe) could take this city by storm. Some got it right while the others failed to please; nonetheless, there has to be a verdict. I was invited to review the Sizzler festival at District 6- a microbrewery located at Malleswaram.

It’s one of those days when I decided to travel to the other end of the city (almost) to sip on some craft beer and munch on the food an eatery had to offer. District 6 had an ongoing Sizzler festival- “Sizzler Bites”- something unconventional, placing sizzlers as an entree dish but also- with craft beer? We were invited for lunch and the long drive from Sarjapur to Malleswaram sort of made me develop an appetite for beer and loads of food.

I started by sampling the beer flight- ranging from the District 6 lager to Dark and then to the Wheat Strong. The Bavarian style Wheat strong beer was without a doubt my favourite and what I chose to drink throughout the afternoon. The “Sizzler Bites” menu is extensive- if you like Indian spices, there is the Andhra Spiced Mushrooms and the Coorg Pepper Pandi. The menu also explores Asian and Continental flavours with items like the Roasted Chilli Hoisin Chicken and the Jerk Marinated Cottage Cheese and Pineapple Skewers.

The potato and corn donuts and the cheese and vegetables stuffed aloo were both delicious. Sadly, those were the only two sizzlers in the veg section that I liked. But, the sizzlers in the non-veg section was something else altogether. Beef Sukha- a Kerala-style preparation- made with coconut and dried spices was perfectly cooked and spiced. The Coorg-style pepper pandi (pork) was also a lovely addition to the non-veg sizzler menu. I can give a thumbs up to the other dishes (as well) that features in the non-veg section of the sizzler menu.

Although, the idea of having sizzlers with beer might sound a little unorthodox but trust me- it is really worth giving a shot! Who knows, you might even enjoy it too much!! This is why I would ask you to visit District 6 during the “Sizzler Bites” festival- it’s on till the 30th of September.