Ciclo cafe


Ciclo cafe

It’s been a while since my last review and I am not going to blame it on lack of time or a busy schedule. It’s just that among the restaurants that I have been to in recent times none of them were actually outstanding. It makes no sense in writing about experiences that are not worth looking back to. Last week, I was invited to visit Ciclo cafe- India’s first cycling cafe chain.

Ciclo cafe also provides top-notch sales and services of premium bicycles, accessories and merchandise. The idea is to have a hub for cycling enthusiasts- a place they can hangout with their families. Ciclo cafe is located in Indiranagar- the outlet is amply spacious and the interior decor is very beautifully done.

It’s a relaxed space for everyone and the use of bicycle components in the interior decor gives you the feel of a culture which is now emerging in India. That doesn’t mean that there is nothing in it for people who aren’t into cycling; Ciclo cafe has an interesting menu which includes an array of pizzas, lasagnas, sandwiches and soups.

Also, on the menu you will find a couple of regional delicacies like the Dal Dhansak, Chettinad chicken curry and Bombay Pav Bhaji- among others. On my way to the cafe, I had decided to not stay for long since I had an appointment to get inked at 1.30 pm.

Well, the experience I had at Ciclo cafe pushed my appointment by about an hour and all for good. The dishes served were splendid- the ingredients used were fresh and sourced from the best. Here are couple of the dishes that I tried; eventually all that I would recommend-

  • Boneless chicken wings
  • Quinoa, Beetroot and orange salad
  • Pork belly Mac n Cheese
  • Goan pork sausage
  • Lasagne Lamb Bolognaise

To top it off when I thought that I couldn’t take in any more food- we were served the Caramel and chocolate torte followed by Panacotta served with fresh Mango puree- both exquisite.

I knew that staying any longer at the cafe would only mean that I’d end up cancelling my appointment altogether and so- I left but with the mindset to visit again (sooner) with my family.

To be frank, I have been pushing aside a lot of restaurant reviews recently; for I feared the establishment would not be able to meet my expectations. It’s not a pleasant experience to give a “not-so-positive” feedback. But, I am happy I chose to visit because I thoroughly enjoyed the food- not to mention the ambiance of the cafe itself.
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