Weekend at The Serai, Kabini

I was immersed in thought; besides that, a feeling that something was weighing me down. It was nothing in particular but several episodes that transpired over the past year was playing in my head. It was happening- the experience was not unpleasant but liberating.

I looked around and we were in a boat about 15 minutes away from the shore- water all around. The thoughts in my head began to disappear- I had to flush them out before I could get on with my life. It was the aura emanating from the horizon and the fact that everything around was so vibrant as though he did it intentionally.

I could see scattered clouds and betwixt them, rays of the sun lighting up areas which would otherwise be grayed out because- it was a gloomy day. I pulled the phone out of my pocket but the screen looked distorted- time had appeared to come to a standstill. It started to make sense; I knew what I was feeling.

It was something so powerful that it’s potency could be matched only by the sheer beauty of what was around me. I was on the Kabini river- the long awaited weekend, time-out for myself and I was just getting started.

The Serai Kabini is located on the banks of the Kabini river and the property has numerous waterfront villas, twin-cottages and a couple of “Residences”. The “Residences” include a spacious bedroom, living room, two private verandas and a private Jacuzzi.

All accommodation types have a unique view of the waterfront. The Serai also houses a multi-cuisine restaurant called Wildgrass, an open-air watering hole called The Outpost and a spa called “Oma”. The Serai Kabini is no doubt a little on the expensive side but beautiful properties are always going to be.

Chillin’ at Wildgrass

Living in a city like Bangalore- fast paced and with no time for anything, properties like The Serai let’s you unwind. You don’t really have to do anything but chill on the hammock and stare at the waterfront. You know, maybe, tune into music that can get you lost in thought. It’s more like rejuvenating ourselves from the robotic life that we live (in a metropolitan).

It’s an oasis about 205 km from Bangalore- you are far from the maddening crowd but still have access to the joyous things that you would find at home. I’m talking about internet services, digital TV but at the same time being able to connect to the natural world.

The rooms are built with stone walls, wooden floors, tiled roofs and a lovely sit-out which leads to the waterfront. The rooms were cosy and the beds could put you to sleep even if you didn’t want to. It’s gratifying to take a walk around the property and if you feel lazy- look for the golf cart. I remember driving the cart around the property at 3 in the night- so much fun.

They also have cycles you could use to make your way from your accommodation to the restaurant.  As for the restaurant, during our time at The Serai, we were treated to simple but lovely food and quality service. I can’t think of anything more, other than activities you can indulge in at the property itself. The Serai is definitely the most beautiful property that I have spent a weekend at- by the banks of the river Kabini. 


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