The Cheesecake Factory, SFO, CA



Frankly, I heard about TCF for the first time from the popular sitcom, ‘The Big Bang Theory‘- remember one of the protagonists named Penny used to work there.. Here I was on my way to San Francisco for the first time with my wife Herwin Abhilash Kandoth and her buddies Kanika and Poorva. We actually didn’t think about TCF, but the turn of events later on in the evening did. We decided to check out the Food Truck festival at Presidio called ‘Off the Grid’– popular food trucks would be serving large masses of food lovers; kind of like promoting the food truck culture- which already is a big thing in the US.

But, by the time we got there the queues were too long and even if we did wait, the chances of the food truck going out on food was very real. A little heartbroken, but that’s when the thought came into Kanika’s head- lets go to `The Cheesecake Factory`, and so we did.

TCF is located at Union Square– 8th floor (penthouse) of Macy’s. Lot of  ‘first time(s)‘ for me- dining out in the open on the 8th floor or anything above 2 floors for that fact. The view is amazing- all the high-rise buildings, bustling with activity in the night, the lights, each building contrasted one another with their tapered roof tops; and the weather.. Amazing, light breeze, slightly cold- to me, this is foreplay for an amazing appetite.

We were seated next to the glass window, giving us an almost-360 degree view of the Union Square. We did order a lot of starters and all that we ordered were delicious, unique and flavorful.. No complaints whatsoever.. Even the service was par excellence; courteous and prompt to keep us eating or drinking something- never were our plates empty. These are some of the dishes (as far as I can remember) we ordered:


Chicken Pot Stickers

Avocado Eggrolls

Fried Calamari


Chicken Enchiladas

DSC_0107 Parmesan-Herb Crusted Chicken


Evelyn’s Favorite Pasta


Tiramisu Cheesecake

This is an amazing place to hangout, chill over some cocktails and enjoy some amazing flavorful food with your besties.. My excitement was even more since we decided to visit the Golden Gate Bridge after our dinner.. An amazing evening, in the couple of very special people.. Priceless!


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