Sunday Brunch at N-Grill


Sunday Brunch at N-Grill

After having an amazing experience at District-N, I decided to visit this place-which again is owned by N3 Enterprises. I read that N-Grill was popular for their ‘Sunday Brunch and so decided to visit. N-Grill is located on Road no 36, Jubilee Hills– you cannot miss the big ‘N’ sign at the entrance and a digital billboard which reads, ‘Experience our exclusive Sunday brunch’. I would recommend making a reservation, especially on a Sunday- for the obvious reason that ‘Sunday Brunches‘ are their specialty. They have ample parking space. N-Grill houses three separate zones- a bar, dining area and a quality outdoor seating with couches. The interiors were posh and splendid; ‘Out of Hyderabad’ experience, the décor was brilliant and like District-N – high ceiling, suspended Bose speakers, chandeliers were all eye catching and visually arresting.

We were seated next to the glass window from where you can see the outdoor seating zone. The server promptly came to our table and asked us what we would like to drink and if he could bring the starters to our table. Service was quick although a little slow later on (which is totally understandable) when the place started filling up and people were pouring in. We decided to go for ‘Non-alcoholic‘ buffet (same price as buffet with alcohol)- and Yes, I went for ‘Non-Alcoholic‘ since I had a krunk Saturday night and was already hung over so decided to stay sober. This was a buffet, so we tried a lot of dishes, but I will pen down what was good and try to avoid writing about the ones that weren’t or the ones I did not try. What mocktail did we order?



  • Shirley Temple– apparently made from grenadine syrup was really refreshing and sweet.
  • Virgin Mojito– never fails to impress- the taste of mint, lime, fizzy water all very soothing.
  • Kiwi Queen– I did not enjoy it, twas alright.
  • Fruit Punch– like the Kiwi Queen, this also was not great, would have been better if served chilled (I didn’t bother to ask either).

For Starters

  • Chicken Tikka –cooked beautifully, soft was very delicious.
  • Panko Fried Fish –more like fish fingers, crunchy and very tasty; here the fish used is Sea Bass.
  • Red Pepper Chicken– the best of the starters, scrumptious and the spice was just right.
  • Spicy Tandoori Grilled Prawns– although it was cooked perfectly, it lacked the spicy punch I wanted.


  • Chicken meatball soup– I didn’t like it, somehow there wasn’t enough flavor, to put it downright- it was bland. Neither the soup nor the meatballs were flavorful.
  • Cream of spinach soup– very delicious, creamy and enjoyed the flavor of spinach; this was the first time I tried this type of soup.



Farmer chicken pizza– thin crusted, generously topped with egg white, onion, cheese, chicken, jalapeno(I love these), zucchini- crispy, loved it!

They had the Live Salad, Wrap and Pasta Counter-which I did not try, but looked enticing.


Main Course


Jamaican Jerk Chicken– mind blowing, orgasm for the taste buds- soft, slightly sweet and spiced just right, definitely a winner.


Grilled chicken with tomato, mushroom sauce– maybe a little bland for some, but I liked the way the tomato and mushroom sauce worked together.

Grilled fish with Mexican sauce- tangy, mild and delicious- fish was cooked to perfection; kind of ‘melting in the mouth’ types.

Thai Red curry brilliant, kudos to the chef- finally, another place in Hyderabad where I tasted well-cooked close-to-authentic Thai Curry, it was all there, especially the aroma and flavor of lemongrass and basil leaves. (Don’t forget to request for steamed rice, it was not served with the buffet).

Finally, the desserts– lined up and plated beautifully, vibrant colors- presentation was top notch (see the pictures I clicked). We had a taste of all the desserts which were offered but these are the ones I loved-


Chikku Cream Brule– one word to describe it-heavenly, confectionery brilliance- taste was exquisite.


Fruity Scuver– Another outstanding dessert-the taste of coconut cream icing was simply divine.. I had multiple portions of this dessert, highly addictive. While writing up this review, I noticed it was not on the menu. I had to call them and find out (OH! Silly, persistent me).


Carrot Cake– i loved the taste of cinnamon in this, It tasted like a cinnamon bun-soft and yum!

All in all, it was another amazing food experience offered delivered by the ‘N3’ group; definitely a place I’d love to frequent ‘N’ number of times. Next time around I am hoping to enjoy the bar (see pics below) area on a Saturday night.