Jonathan’s Kitchen, Hyderabad

Gulp ‘n’ Munch says You Gotta Eat Here! Period!

  I had visited Jonathan’s Kitchen early in 2015 on the basis of my good friend and foodie- Nazeef’s recommendation. Jonathan’s Kitchen is Holiday Inn Express’s in-house restaurant specializing in Italian, Japanese and North Indian cuisine. Holiday Inn Express is located away from the hectic and crowded ISB Rd- it can be really calm and peaceful at night. As you may know, Holiday Inn Express is a mid-priced hotel chain offering limited services at affordable prices. But, there is nothing limited about Jonathan’s Kitchen-

JK’s (Jonathan’s Kitchen) ambiance is impressive- in addition, it possesses the panache element of a fine-dine restaurant. There is the indoor-seating section bordered on one side by a glass wall which leads to the outdoor-seating section or the smoking area. The contemporary chandeliers suspended from the ceiling ensured the room was lit amply; the seating and interior decor shows-off a cozy and relaxed atmosphere (totally, sets the mood). Servers that attended to our table were courteous and their recommendations, in terms of what to order, was spot on.

Jonathan’s Kitchen was in its early days because of which a few of the dishes on the menu was not available- which was quite understandable. Unfortunately, the dishes I really wanted to savor were among them- Yea ! Obviously, I was downhearted but, this was not the experience I wanted to share. Instead the real experience took place a week ago.


Pallab aka the hydfoodguy invited me for my very first tasting session- the new menu launch of Jonathan’s Kitchen. Frankly, I couldn’t contain my excitement- the thought of being able to experience a full-course meal (in contrast to what happened a year ago) felt like an inevitable foodie-dream. It was a surreal experience, as I was in the company of prominent restaurateurs, food bloggers, food aficionados and above all-  the executive chefs of Jonathan’s Kitchen.

Earlier (before the tasting session), we were busy sensitizing our taste buds- with no little help from the insane concoctions blended by the bartenders at Komatose. What happened next? Let the pictures interpret for themselves.



  What a tasting session? If this is how every tasting session is going to be, I need to run 45 mins every day in the gym, so that, I don’t look like humpty-dumpty. Jokes apart, the food was exceptional in every way- the plating, the flavors- it all came together. Fantastic job! Although some may say that when you pay more, you expect good food on the plate. Well, there are quite a few star in-house restaurants that do not do justice to the food, for the price we pay.
  Jonathan’s Kitchen, with its delectable array of dishes and close proximity to- potentially the best lounge in town, Komatose- it is a lethal combo indeed. But, not in this case- it was all worth it. In the company of amazing people and a top-notch food experience I am inclined to say- You Gotta Eat Here!



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    Saurav Rout:

    What can I say about this awesome place. The food, ambiance, staffs, everythign was just perfect. Thanks Abhilash for making my time really enjoyble. A big thanks to Jonathan’s Kitchen.
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