For the love of Chef Inam’s Steak house


For the love of Chef Inam’s Steak house


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2012- OK! I am not here to prophesize the end of the world (something Roland Emmerich did with his movie 2012), instead I am here to tell you about a narrative.

” To me no foodie becomes what he becomes without having at least one chef influence him. ”

(my version of Jose Andres Puerta’s quote)

How many of us believe this? Yet, have we taken the time to pause and appreciate that one person (if not many) who played a pivotal role in our food experience. In no small way, this is my dedication to one such amazing individual.



We all know him for more than just catchy phrases (kirrak steak, feel the steak power), but down-to-earth attitude, imposing physique and above all else, his die-hard and unparalleled love for cooking- he is the one and only Chef Inam Khan.

Bro, the burger was insane!  Are you from another planet? No, seriously…  Are you?

(my juvenile remark after devouring an 8 Oz steak burger)

Five years ago, when I relocated to Hyderabad, every weekend was literally a food-marathon (to say the least)- hogging up as much as I could- all thanks to my brother Amithesh (he feels partially responsible for me being Class 1 Obese). The n-portions of Biriyani’s, Lasooni kebab’s, Malai kebab’s, Seekh kebab’s (the list is almost endless)- there had to be a saturation point. That happened about a year later and I so badly wanted to try something different but equally mouthwatering and gastronomical.

Although I discontinued my visits to the restaurants I once frequented, regular customers did not (not that I expected them to, either). Imagine, from an aspiring restaurateur’s perspective- especially for someone who wanted to introduce a new cuisine to this city, it was only logical to think-

When everyone,  for years, continue to eat what they eat and are happy with that they eat, how certain can I be that they are willing to try something new?

I would definitely stick to food that is widely accepted or in-trend but, then again that is the difference between an adventurer and one that is faint-hearted, in this context between a chef and a food aficionado.


Masab Tank, Hyderabad- we (with my brother) were on our way to this restaurant and he couldn’t stop talking about this place-

Can you imagine?? Steak in Hyderabad??  Your gonna love it!

When we reached, I noticed the outlet was considerably small and there was this dude (like a pehlwan) standing behind a fire-grill, holding a pot fork tossing steaks like he was at the gym. We sat inside, deciding upon what to order- It wasn’t a debate! The menu mentioned an 8 Oz steak burger- Let’s go for it!


When the food arrived, we were shocked silent- this was bigger than we expected! What were we thinking? But, there were two of us (shouldn’t be hard, right?). Believe me when I say it, one bite into this burger and that was it- twas like we zoomed into a vortex of infinite flavors and burgers all around. The steak was succulent, juicy, tender and incredibly delicious. The flavor was unreal- the seasonings used were like nothing I have tasted before.

Brilliant food, That was awesome! I need to know, who is the chef?

(me persistently asking our server)

Guess what? It was the pehlwan (forgive me bro) himself- we got into a never-ending talk about food and I was inquisitive to know what were the flavors, that struck a chord with my taste buds. Like I said, it was never ending- five years hence and Chef Inam still continues to amaze me every time I walk into his crib (that’s what he calls his steak joint).

 ” You can undertake something with an end-result in mind or you can be random, do something and wait for the result to take its course- the results can amaze!

(Now, this was all me!)


Inam’s fame and popularity has transcended all barriers in lieu of the fact that he now prepares customary-meals for high-profile Telugu actors like Mahesh Babu, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Rana Daggubati, Ram Charan- here again the list is endless. Normal diet food is not appealing to many and at times people have to force feed themselves for the sake of it. But, Inam firmly believes that diet food can be flavorful- by not entirely eliminating the ingredients that delivers the richness.

Inam once prepared Brown Rice Chicken Steak Biriyani without oil, ghee or butter (How did he do that?)- roasted garam masala, low fat yogurt and quinoa raita- for the Prince of Tollywood himself- Mahesh Babu. If, that’s not enough every once in a while (for the fun of it) you will see certain meat platters named after popular actors too. Enough said!

I am an ardent advocate of Chef Inam’s Steak House and over the years- encouraged my friends, family and fellow foodies to experience what Chef Inam has to offer; with the belief they will all have an amazing food experience.


You Gotta Eat Here!