WOFL, Hyderabad


WOFL, Hyderabad



After a pleasant experience, munching on waffles last week at an outlet in Hi-tech city, we (Herwin Abhilash Kandoth) were eager to visit WOFL. It wasn’t difficult to locate WOFL- located on Road no 3, Banjara Hills, behind the TV 9 office.. Well! What do you know? The same lane where Hotel Shadab (take away) is located. I also noticed a couple of other restaurants nearby (which I didn’t before); but none that were on my wish list.



WOFL is amply spacious with an indoor and an outdoor section.. The outdoor section is cosy, but with the weather- not soo pleasant, I prefer dining indoors. The interior décor was minimal- which is fine, but I was disappointed with how they maintained the indoor temperature; I was sweating during the entire time I was at the outlet.



Service was prompt (at least for us), some of the customers had to wait a long time in spite of ordering only lemon ginger mocktails. Hmm.. But I’ll stick to my review..

In beverages we ordered-
Lemon Ginger mocktail- this was disappointing, it was supposed to be sweet and salt.. But it wasn’t sweet and I can bet no ginger either..

Our server replaced it with another- Well, nothing changed- still wasn’t sweet or had ginger.


Then we placed an order for,

WOFLette- omelette with peppered vegetables- first off the filling failed to deliver.. This could have been attributed to the fact that the omelette itself was flavourful.

If am not wrong, when you prepare an omelette with a filling, you should try to keep the omelette simple (not even salt, just the natural taste) and focus on the individual flavours

of the ingredients used for the filling, also need a lip-smacking sauce to enhance the overall experience.. Special call out for the hash brownie- nailed it!!



Dil him malla toast- fantastic, creamy,, the cheese wasn’t overpowering.. which was good.. the egg, mushrooms all in all very relishing.


For dessert,

Blueberry Pancake- we thoroughly enjoyed it, the pancakes were cooked to perfection,, the blueberry sauce was brilliant, it wasn’t too sweet (just the way we liked it).. Great job!!



WOFL Ala mode- when the plate arrived, I couldn’t see my waffle, , all I saw was loads of caramel sauce. A quick tip in plating- ensure the customer

can see the main component of the dish, which is the waffle.. Also, though it was mentioned there would be a taste of cinnamon, I am pretty sure that was a miss.



That brings me to the end of my review.. Will I visit WOFL again? Yes! for the Pancakes. Personally, that itself is a good enough reason for me to visit again and again..

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