Kaficko, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad




As the Hyderabad chapter of my life comes to an end, so does the number of days at my disposal to visit the restaurants currently bookmarked on my Zomato profile. This, sort of puts me in a sticky situation- to short-list a list of already short-listed restaurants. So, it was a Sunday and after a lot of thought we decided to visit Kaficko for dinner. Initially, we were supposed to visit as a group of five but then Sundays being ‘family days‘, in addition to some of us getting ‘work-calls‘- it was down to just two of us. Karthik and myself reached Kaficko at about 7.30ish.

Kaficko is located on Road No 12, Banjara Hills above the stylish luxury retail- Good Earth.  The ambiance at Kaficko is simple yet very elegant; the contemporary artwork on the walls are visually arresting and has sort of an uplifting vibe to it. Even the chandeliers are beautiful and placed in such a manner that the entire restaurant space is amply lit. There is a book shelf stacked with a few books (consider populating it) and the shelf itself is partially decorated with Tibetan Prayer Mantra Flags. If that wasn’t enough, there is a projector which was screening the weekend Premier League game, when we visited.






We were permitted to sit at a table for four- presumably because we walked-in early and at that time most of the tables were empty. Service was prompt, our server was courteous and he also recommended a few dishes – personally, this helps a lot when I visit restaurants that serves cuisines which I don’t know a lot about. To start with, we ordered two flavors of Ice Tea- Peach and Passion Fruit- both were very refreshing but, my friend felt the Ice Tea weren’t up-to-the-mark (not sure why).



Kaficko offers different types of Sushi, Sashimi and Teppanyaki. Frankly, I wouldn’t know about Sashimi or Teppanyaki but my tryst with Sushi in recent times encouraged me to order Ebi Tempura Maki (Prawn Tempura Roll). I was more excited since it was Karthik’s first time trying any type of Sushi and also he was under the impression that Sushi always featured raw fish/meat.

The Sushi was really good (don’t ask me for more comments)!
I wouldn’t know how to describe the taste, but I can assure you that I am working on that.




Among the starters, under the Thaiphoon section of their menu-  we ordered Chilli basil Fish- Thai bird eyed chilli and fresh basil combined with fried fish.

This was very delicious and the fish (sea bass) was cooked perfectly- I felt the level of spice offered via the bird eyed chilli was adequate.

By the way, Thai bird eyed chilli is also found in India, particularly in Kerala and Assam and is prominently used in traditional Kerala cuisine.


For main course we  ordered one of my favourites- Thai Yellow Curry (Prawns) with Jasmine Rice

The only complaint- although it was mentioned Jasmine rice, I certainly did not get the aroma or the flavour of Jasmine rice.

As for the Thai curry, it was really delicious, the prawns were fresh and cooked perfectly- all the essential elements needed to deliver a quality

Thai curry experience was present- I thoroughly enjoyed it.



Finally, for dessert there weren’t many options but a couple of  mini mason jar cheesecakes- of the ones offered, we decided to go for the Blueberry cheesecake,


My wife Herwin used to order these mini mason jar cheesecakes on Big Basket and they were always mouth-watering.  The cheesecake was smooth, sort of melt-in-your-mouth kind and every bite leaves you longing for another- very delightful. Frankly, when this day started out, I was expecting about five food aficionados visiting Kaficko- eating at least 4-5 starters, possibly all the varieties of Sushi or Sashimi they had to offer, 2-3 varieties of main course and finally sum it all by trying all the mini mason jar cheesecakes they had to offer; but like I had mentioned earlier unavoidable circumstances brought the group down to two and all we could try is what I have mentioned above. From the menu, it is apparent that there were many more dishes Kaficko offered but I was not able to try and because of that I would consider this as a ‘partial‘ review. Although I have given a 3.5 for my current experience, I hope that it can only get better as I visit often.


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