BYLI – Bet You Love It


BYLI – Bet You Love It

It’s been close to 6 months since I relocated to Bangalore and I must say the food journey has been nothing short of spectacular. The first few weeks were low key- hardly food-adventurous but, later on- I have been eating my way through this city (literally). In spite of all the check-ins over the past few months, I am far from discovering even 10% of the potentially great food joints in this city. Not trying to make an excuse but there is a reason for that- ‘traffic in Bangalore’!! We all know, to get from one point to another in this city is more like an undertaking rather than a simple drive; especially when it’s over the weekend. Also, I happened to stay in the relatively ‘recently-developed’ part of the city (H.S.R Layout) which is about 10-20 km from the areas which are already thriving with a multitude of restaurants.

For the above reasons, I have been restricting myself to visit restaurants which are either in my locality or more convenient to visit. But I knew that at some point of time, I had to snap out off my comfort zone. Last weekend, Nihal convinced me to drive to Kalyan Nagar- we honed in on a restaurant that served Continental, Italian, Asian and Mexican cuisine. The name of the restaurant- BYLI or Bet You Love it is located at HRBR Layout- a major residential colony in northern Bangalore. The ambiance at BYLI is casual, the outlet itself is mildly lit with predominantly wooden interior decor. On the walls you will find written- words/one liners that are vaguely synonymous with food. Slowly but gradually the idea of driving down from HSR Layout did not seem like a bad idea. During our time at the restaurant, service was exemplary and quick.

We started off with a couple of smoothies and mocktails namely- Berry Blast, Cranberry Kiss and Tequila Sunrise Mocktail. Somehow, never a fan of smoothies but my friends assured both the Berry Blast and the Cranberry Kiss were creamy and refreshing. I was happy with the Tequila Sunrise mocktail I ordered- it was refreshing but not a stand-out.

For starters we ordered,
DD Wings or the Devilishly & Delicious Hot Wings– served with a spicy sauce and garlic aioli- this was succulent and delicious- up there among the best hot wings I’ve had till date.
Pulled Chicken Sliders– this one packed a lip-smacking punch; not to mention it was very filling.
Chef Lai Hing Chicken– now this was something recommended by our server- it turned out to be good but I felt it could have been little less spicy.

Pasta Lasagna– the traditional cheesy pasta with Béchamel and Bolognese sauce- very very delicious and meaty-some..!
Chicken Tacos– served with refried beans and Spanish rice with the option of corn/flour tortillas- soft, puffy and delectable- I haven’t tried the tortillas at Taco Bell but this one is right up there..!
Chicken strips with Chipolata sausages– grilled chicken, Chipolata chicken sausages in fiery BBQ and magic mustard with greens, fries and pita bread- my first tryst with these humongous French sausages and wow indeed!!
Souvlaki– grilled tender pieces of lamb fillet on skewers served with pita bread, Tzatziki, Greek salad and chips- the lamb was beautifully cooked and the Tzatziki as always an extreme taste-catalyst for grilled meat.

Our experience so far had been nothing short of brilliant and it went a notch higher when the complimentary Independence Day Blueberry cheesecake arrived at our table- wow..! This was definitely the cherry on our food experience at BYLI- totally worth it..! I’d definitely recommend visiting this eatery if your staying around the same locale..!!

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