International Beer day at The Beer Cafe


I had the pleasure of checking out Beer Cafe during its International Beer day celebrations at the VR mall. Heard about the Black box of Bangalore ? Yes the same black painted mall which houses few amazing clothing brands like H&M , Forever21 , BCB generation , Forever new, Superdry  and M&S Beauty  etc. Probably this should be one good reason why one would want to make a visit to this place even if it’s far away from ones residence. After a tiring day shopping or window shopping the best thing that could refresh your soul other than the bag full of shopped goodies would surely be the beer itself. Beer Cafe surely did win the game there.  😉

Beer Cafe at VR mall is their newest outlet after Koramangala which surely is a heaven for beer lovers at a mall. The casual and vibrantly done up ambience is one of the best places in the mall to chill, relax and meet friends over an enormous variety of beers and conversations. When I mention variety I would like to specify that they offer around 30 varieties of beers from over 18 countries giving you a choice to spoil for. The Beer Cafe also offers a lavish food menu to cater to diverse palettes.

The food menu offers an exquisite variety of  Beer Cafe classics such as burgers, wraps, pizzas and salads along with an array of delectables such as flaky chicken strips, Queso bacon dips, Chicken Poutine , cheese and cold meat platters . Out of this vast menu I tried the Koliwada fried chicken, Queso bacon dips, Grilled Salmon and the Brownie with Ice-cream. Koliwada fried chicken – A dish that’s sold like hot cakes on the streets of Mumbai – It was crispy, delicious and flavorful as it was marinated well with the right amount of spices and batter fried.  The Queso bacon dip is basically Nachos served with a dip made up of  melted Velvetta cheese, tomatoes, chillies and pieces of Bacon. The brownie with ice-cream was my favorite. The brownie was moist and chocolaty and its pairing with vanilla ice-cream could never go wrong. With the widest collection of beers under one roof they also have come up with the food pairing suggestions to help one discover the right style of beer that would work best with the favorite dishes. They recommended IPA’s for pizza, fried chicken and seafood, a refreshing dark lager would go well with spicy foods such as barbecues, sausages and roast meat.  A wheat beer with light foods or salads or just sip it with desserts. Drink Hefeweizens with sweet and citrus flavored dishes. Or you could experiment and explore on your own as the possibilities and choices at this place are endless!

The International Beer day celebration at Beer cafe was marked not only for its beers and food but they introduced their new Beer Merchandise on the very same day which is named – Beerosphere comprising over 30 products across various categories such as gaming, gadgets, decor, glassware, personal and office products. Some of them quirky and unusual, the others handy and utilitarian- the Beerosphere range is sure to have a distinct fan following. It is an extension of The Beer Cafe that patrons can take home, to work, gift or collect as souvenirs.

Have you ever thought of devices which could chill your drink other than the universal refrigerator itself?  If not, welcome to Beerosphere– With a range of products available to chill your drink, you can opt for a Spin Chill, Chill Puck or USB Mini Fridge. A Spin Chill can chill your beer within a minute by simply adding convection, which drastically increases heat transfer between the hot liquid and cold ice whereas Chill Puck is like a cool pack coaster to chill your beer. If you have the ease of a plug point or laptop with you while you drink, you can chill your can in the Mini USB Fridge.

Beer-souvenir collectors anyone?  Beerosphere offers a beautiful Beer Cap Collector for those who like to collect beer caps while they travel. Once, all the caps are placed, the piece becomes a great wall art for your home!

For those who love technology and beer, Beerosphere brings forth Sonic Foamer. The Sonic Foamer uses ultrasonic vibrations to create the perfect head and, as a result, ensure consistent taste throughout the entire drink and deliver the ultimate aromatic experience. A number of other gifting products such as cushion covers, playing cards, glassware, candles, laptop sleeves, etc are also available. The current line of merchandise is priced between Rs.95 to Rs.3750. The U.S. patented products Chill Puck, Sonic Foamer and Spin Chill are exclusively available in India through Beerosphere as The Beer Café has an association with the retailers.

Some of the beers that’s available here are –

Krombacher Pils (Germany) : A distinctive, fine bitter taste and a full- flavored aroma. Modern production processes enhance the traditional recipe whilst complimenting the natural products that have been used for generations to create this unique brew.

Hoegaarden (Belgium): The brand’s unique appearance is mirrored by its one-of-a-kind taste – sweet and sour beer with little bitterness, slight spice, and a strong touch of coriander and orange. Perfect for warm summer days. Refreshing, a little quirky, and decidedly different.

Estrella Damm: Light, smooth and refreshing, Estrella Damm is pale gold in colour with cereal and hop aromas that complement its fruity flavour.

Budweiser (U.S.A.):Light bodied with fairly sweet, fruity notes with a small amount of bitterness. Lagered in cold lager tanks for 3 weeks, gives it a clean refreshing taste.

KF Ultra Max (India): A slow- brewing and prolonged maturation process using the finest imported Pilsen malt, gives it a full- flavored taste which is smooth and easy to drink

Peroni (Italy) : Most recognized and widely consumed Italian beer. Crisp and lightly sparkling, its unique taste is refreshing and dry with a clear- cut clean character

This is a fun cafe that beer geeks would love. The owners and staff could not have been more hospitable and welcoming, offering beers and answering all your questions. It was obvious that this crew appreciates beer and beer lovers. A must visit if your spending your day shopping at the VR mall and would like to end it on a good note with some beer and good food to unwind yourselves. 🙂

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